We offer two types of manholes:

  • concrete manholes;
  • plastic manholes (manufacturer: Uponor and Pipelife).


All wells available in different sizes and different load resistance.

These manholes are installed in cable distribution points for cable service technicians could be easily present telecommunication cables. Purchasing manholes, der to take into account the fact that the plastic manholes are just as durable as concrete manholes, cables, providing protection from mirtuma, shocks and various environmental factors. In addition, recalled: in every stage of these smaller wells installed as easier cable maintenance and creation of new connections. People who are in an attempt to save such a well placed as seldom as possible, and later regretted his decision, because access to the cable becomes more difficult and at the end of this frugality is very costly, causing difficulty in accessing the cables and unplanned costs.

Plastic manholes available in the following sizes:

  • 315 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 850 mm


Concrete manholes available in the following sizes:

KKC1 to KKC5.